Element Dance Arts

1600 Industrial Road, Unit 2C, Cambridge, Ontario | (519)-700-5678


FullTime Program - Mini

Here are the items required from this level:


Bodywear for Jazz, Lyrical, Jumps & Turns, Stretch & Strength, Tap, and Acro

Any Form-Fitting Dancewear (shorts, crop tops, leggings etc.)

Bodywear for Hip-Hop

Any style of dancewear (no jeans or dresses)

Bodywear for Ballet

SL10 (adult sizes)/SL11 (child sizes) Princess Seam Bodysuit in TR Green

Bodywear for Boys Ballet


Tights for Ballet

1825C Tights in Ballet Pink or 1916 Tights in Light Pink


Shoes for Jazz, Lyrical, Jumps & Turns, and Stretch & Strength

3434 Dance Paws

Shoes for Acro

Bare Feet

Shoes for Hip-Hop

Dance Sneakers or Clean, Non-Scuffing Indoor Shoes

Shoes for Ballet

205 Ballet Slipper in Pink: See Adult Sizes or Child Sizes

Shoes for Boys Ballet

leather ballet shoes that come in black

Shoes for Tap

Any Black Lace Up Tap Shoe

Shoes for Acro

Bare feet, no jewelry