Your Virtual Studio Boutique

We're dedicated to providing studios with a professional virtual boutique that lists all the needed dancewear for your students, organized by class, without having to compromise on the best dance brand names, quality or price. 

Best of all it is an additional revenue source for the studio simply by promoting your customized virtual boutique and encouraging your families to shop from there.

How does MyStudioStuff™ work?

Your Virtual Studio Boutique

We have designed MyStudioStuff to be able to seamlessly work with any other way you have been selling product to your students in the past and the styles you already have them wearing. You do not have to compromise style, brand or colour as we have access to thousands and thousands of products from all the big names in dance, many of which are in stock in our retail store and warehouse.

If you have kept product in the studio to sell - you can continue to offer that service. You can seamlessly sell what you have on hand and when you run out of sizes you can have the parent hop onto the MyStudioStuff site, place the order for the item, check out/pay and that item will be shipped directly to their home from our Canadian warehouse. The studio makes a commission for all their work. You just don’t have any of the labour, hassle or expense of processing payment, ordering, shipping, distribution or dealing with returns.

Ready to set up your MyStudioStuff virtual boutique?

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Have more questions?

Check out the FAQ below for answers to the most common questions. 

You can also Contact Us! Our service team is committed to your success and are waiting for the opportunity to assist you in any way we can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Studio + MyStudioStuff™

Exactly what do I need to do to get my studio listed?

Fill out the "Let's Get Started" form. Once your studio is accepted, we will reach out with the list of what pictures, logos and info we need to customize your page, as well as help you set your uniform for class.

    What will my studio’s page look like on MyStudioStuff?

    Check out our sample studio page ( to get a sense of what your page will look like, and what your dance families will be navigating to find their uniform needs. Your studio's landing page will include information about your studio, your address and a link to your website or Facebook page, and a personal message from you.

    Does my studio earn money?

    Yes, absolutely. You earn money from every purchase your students and their families make, starting with their very first purchase.

    How does my studio earn money?

    We'll provide you with an easy-to-remember link to share with your dance families. That link will take visitors right to your studio's landing page on our site.  Our site keeps track of all the visitors who find us using your link. It'll even send you an email every time a purchase it made, so you can keep track if you like. At the end of each month, we'll deposit your commission into your PayPal account. It's as easy as that.

    How much commission will my studio earn?

    Your studio earns a flat commission on total sales from 12% to 26%.

    What are the commission Levels?

    The commission level depends on the collective purchases made by people who have used your studio's landing page link. As collective purchases grow, you'll automatically be moved into a new commission level.

    1. 12% commission from the very first purchase
    2. 15% commission after $5,000
    3. 18% commission after $10,000
    4. 20% commission after $20,000 
    5. 22% commission after $30,000
    6. 24% commission after $40,000
    7. 26% commission after $50,000 

    How often do commission levels reset?

    Annually, between dance seasons, on July 1. At this point all commission levels are reset to 12% for the next dance season.

    Exactly what is my commission rate applied to?

    You'll earn commissions on all purchases made by people who use your link. The commissions are applied to the total purchase price of merchandise sold. Commissions are not applied to taxes, shipping, savings on discounted items, or returns).

    When and how do I get paid my commission?

    Commissions for the previous month are calculated on the first of the current month, held for 30 days to accommodate any adjustments for returned product, and then paid through a Paypal transfer.

    How will I know if people have made purchases using my link?

    You'll receive an email each time someone makes a purchase using your link. You can also login to your studio's MyStudioStuff dashboard, which will show how many people have visited using your link, total revenue from your visitors, your total commission earned so far, and the amount of money that is coming your way.

    Your Studio’s Uniform Requirements

    I don’t have a set uniform for my dancers, how do I choose my requirements?

    We're be happy to work with you to select products that best suit your dancers needs, budget, and style requirements. Simply email at to set up a consultation.

    How do I submit my studio’s uniform details?

    You have a few different options to submit your uniform details:

    1. If you have a PDF document of your uniform or a link to a page online, simply email that to us:
    2. If not, Contact Us and we'll send you a form to fill out with your studio requirements.

    Can I get help if I need it?

    We're here to make this as easy for you as possible. We have helped hundreds of studios quickly navigate the abundance of product options we offer to make the perfect choices for their dancers. If you have questions or need any assistance in making your choices, reach out to us at:

    How do I update my requirements/information if it changes?

    Once your initial studio listing is live, you can make four changes to your studio listing and product details each dance season (July to June). To request changes, simply email or call us at 1 844.906.2186  and let us know what changes are needed. If a fifth edit is required in a dance season, you may be charged an admin fee.

    What kinds of products will MyStudioStuff offer?

    Our orders are fulfilled by Inspirations Dancewear which is the largest dance retailer in Canada, with dance supplies from the best dance brands in the world. We'll be offering everything a dancer needs for dance classes and more, including bodysuits, shoes, tights and accessories, from the best names in dance like Capezio, Mondor, Bloch, So Danca, Sansha and Grishko, to name a few.

    We also have things dancers that always want like training tools, dance bags, garment bags, leg warmers etc. Not to mention performance makeup from Jam Cosmetics, plus hair accessories like hair nets, pins and bun covers. Your dance families will be able to shop the basics from your uniform, but also conveniently get everything else they want for class, training and performance.

    Questions about Ordering

    How do my dancers/parents shop?

    Once your studio’s page is set-up on MyStudioStuff, simply provide your dance families with the unique link you have been provided. They can easily search for your studio name, and select their dancer’s classes from the list. You can also provide them with the studio’s affiliate link - either way, the purchases are tracked and tallied for your studio. You can size your dancers at the studio and let them know the sizes that they need. The parent simply logs onto the website, places their order, and it gets delivered directly to their home.

    When will my students get their order?

    MyStudioStuff orders are fulfilled by Inspirations Dancewear in Calgary, Alberta. All orders require processing time (between 1-7 business days), then time to ship (from 1-8 business days depending on location in Canada). If there are any product delays or backorers, the customer will receive an email notifying them.

    Can I place a bulk order?

    If you prefer to place a bulk order to have products readily available on-site for your dancers to purchase, ordering via The Studio Wholesale Program would be the best method. The Studio Wholesale Program gives you access to savings of 20%-50% year around. However, you do the ordering, receiving and distribution of the product.

    You can also use a combination of both programs. Have some product on hand to sell directly to your dance families and if you run out, simply guide them to your MyStudioStuff page to place their order. You get commission, but don’t have to do anything else, as the order ships directly to your dancers.

    An item I use isn’t on your site, what do I do?

    Please reach out to us at to see if we are able to supply it. Since we carry all the best names in dances we can add any of the thousands of styles, as long as it is a brand we carry! We can easily add items to within 1 business day to ensure we can have it listed in your studio uniform.

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