Element Dance Arts

1600 Industrial Road, Unit 2C, Cambridge, Ontario | (519)-700-5678



Here are the items required from this level:


Bodywear for Jazz, Lyrical, Jumps & Turnz, Stretch & Strength, Acro, and Tap

Any Form-Fitting Dancewear (shorts, crop tops, leggings etc.)

Bodywear for Hip-Hop

Any style of dancewear (no jeans or dresses)

Bodywear for Ballet

SL04 (adult sizes)/SL05 (child sizes) Cami Bodysuit in Celestine Blue


Tights for Ballet

1825C Tights in Ballet Pink or 1916 Tights in Light Pink


Shoes for Jazz, Lyrical, Jumps & Turns, and Stretch & Strength

3434 Dance Paws

Shoes for Hip-Hop

Dance Sneakers or Clean, Non-Scuffing Indoor Shoes

Shoes for Ballet

205 Ballet Slipper in Pink: See Adult Sizes or Child Sizes

Shoes for Tap

Any Black Lace Up Tap Shoe

Shoes for Acro

Bare feet, no jewelry