Spark Creative Arts and Events Inc.

51 Arthur Street South, Elmira, Ontario |

Girls: All

Here are the items for this class:


Bodywear for All Classes

    • 10 Inch Legwarmers
    • Legwarmers with Silver Lurex
  • Legwarmers and other warm-up gear are permitted if the student is coming early to stretch, however, these garments must be removed before the class without being instructed. 

Optional Bodywear for Tots/Kids

Optional Bodywear for Jazz

Bodywear for Adult Students

  • Black bottoms with a black tank top or t-shirt.



Shoes for Ballet

  • Any Pink Leather Ballet Shoes from this list:
    • 205 Daisy Leather Ballet Slipper
    • SD60 Leather Split Sole Ballet Slipper

Shoes for Jazz