The Alberta Dance Academy

4 Crystalridge Drive, Okotoks, Alberta | 403-938-3125

Jazz/Tap: All at ADA

Here are the items needed for this class:


Option 1:

  • N625 Jr. Tyette Tap Shoe in Black
  • 1916 Transition Tights in your skin tone
  • 11006 Dttrol Jazz Shoes in Tan
  • Any of these leotards:
    • CC123 Double Strap Camisole Leotard
    • CC102 V-Neck Cami Leotard
    • CC110 Cami Bratek Leotard
    • CC100 Cami Leotard with Adjustable Strap
    • 3505 Matrix Pinched Front Camisole Leotard
  • Any of these shorts:

Option 2:

  • Y3051C T-Shirt in White
  • Dance Pant in Black
  • CG19 Tap Shoe in Black
  • 11006 Dttrol Jazz Shoes in Black

Recommended for All Dancers

  • Click here to see the items recommended for your dancer
  • Knee Pads are only needed for Levels F,G,H

No skirts permitted.