Bloch Oxford Men's Ballroom Shoe SO860

Bloch Oxford Men's Ballroom Shoe SO860
Made by Bloch (Style # SO860M)

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Oxford Men's Ballroom Shoe SO860 from Bloch is an exceptional ballroom shoe. A timelessly stylish and traditional Oxford style mens ballroom and latin dance shoe in full grain leather.

Features of the Oxford Men's Ballroom Shoe

  • Flexible suede sole gives greater ability to point, flex, spin, slide and turn
  • Shoe offers maximum comfort and durability
  • 1 inch cushioned heel for stability and comfort in extended dance sessions
  • Unlined arch for increased flexibility and ease in point position
  • Suede full outsole is perfect for spinning, turning and sliding on different floor types
  • Cushioned insole offers extra cushioning and shock absorption and to protect the metatarsals
  • Kashmir lining
  • Low, wide heel and short shank provide arch support while maintaining flexibility for ease in demi-pointe

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SO860M Oxford Men's Ballroom Shoe

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