Jelly Toes

Jelly Toes
Made by Bunheads (Style # BH1025)

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Jelly Toes BH1025 from Bunheads is an excellent pointe shoe accessory. This elasticized fabric tube is lined with a gel grip, to provide comfort and protection. The 3" Jelly Toe should be cut to size and placed over any of the toes to help reduce pressure that may cause blisters. One size/ 2 per package.

Features of the Jelly Toes

  • Content: Gel, Polyester
  • One size
  • Elasticized fabric tube lined with gel strip on one side
  • 2 per package
  • Recommended care: Hand wash with mild detergent and allow to air dry completely. Exposed gel may be dusted lightly with talcum powder after drying.

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