Capezio CG17 tap Shoe in Caramel

Fluid Tap Shoe in Caramel
Made by Capezio (Style # CG17C)

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A quality tap shoe at a great value, the Fluid gives you speed and grace. It is lightweight to prevent feet and ankles from tiring easily, and features a cross between a full and split sole. Plenty of comfort here as the upper is soft, and the collar and insole are padded. Of course, it comes with the world renowned Tele Tone® Taps!,,- Soft, quality PU upper,Tele Tone® heel and toe taps mounted on resonant fiberboard,,- Moisture absorbing microfiber lining,Suede flexible outsole with light Texon® board shank for flexibility with support,,- Folded edges and padded collar for comfort

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CG17 Fluid Tap Shoe

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