Amelie Soft Pointe Shoe
Made by Bloch (Style # SO102)

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Amelie Soft Pointe Shoe SO102 from Bloch is the perfect introductory pointe shoe. This pointe shoe is designed for dancers who are new to pointe work. The shoe is flexible and caters to a variety of foot shapes. The shank in this pointe shoe is graded to allow the dancer to roll onto pointe with ease and the wide platform helps to stabilize the foot and ankle while en pointe. The gently curved sides of the box encourage the foot into correct alignment, while flattering the line of the leg and ankle. It has a softer insole to allow the foot to work more easily in the shoe.

Features of the Amelie Soft Pointe Shoe

  • Introductory pointe shoe
  • Medium-sized graded shank
  • Gently curved sides of box
  • Shallow box
  • Elastic drawstring
  • Slight v-shaped vamp
  • B paste
  • Noise reduction under pleats

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