Star Performance Academy

1-455 Dutton Drive, Waterloo, ON | (519)-886-8600 

If items are out of stock from Inspirations, please wear something similar from home until your order comes in.

Beginner's Academy

Here are the items needed for this class:



Bodywear for All Boys Classes

  • Branded T-Shirt (from studio) *excluding #BoysDanceToo Hip Hop
  • N30015 Sport Short in Black *excluding #BoysDanceToo Hip Hop

Bodywear for All Students #BoysDanceToo Hip Hop


Shoes for Boys Jazz, Irish & Jazz & HipHop Combo

  • EJ2 Capezio Slip on Jazz Shoe in Black

Shoes for Boys Ballet/Lyrical 

  • 2037 Hanami Canvas Ballet Shoe in Black

Shoes for Boys Tap/Acro

  • CG19 Tap Shoe in Black

Optional Shoes for Boys Jazz & Hip-Hop Combo & #BoysDanceToo Hip Hop

  • Studio Trainer Black with White Sole


Other items for All Boys Classes

  • Ankle Socks in Black or White



Bodywear for All Girls classes

  • Branded T-Shirt (from studio)
  • SL82/SL83 Black Shorts


Optional Tights for Girls


Shoes for Girls Jazz and Jazz & Hip-Hop Combo

  • EJ2 Capezio Slip on Jazz Shoe in Black

Shoes for Girls Ballet/Lyrical

  • 2037 Hanami Canvas Ballet Shoe to match your skin tone

Shoes for Girls Tap/Acro

  • CG19 Tap Shoe in Black

Shoes for Girls Irish

  • Rutherford Soft Shoes in Black

Optional Shoes for Girls Jazz & Hip-Hop Combo

  • Studio Trainer Black with White Sole